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Protect Your Innovations With Speed

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Speed Is Everything

In today’s rapid world, speed is of the essence…

We understand that speed is crucial in today’s competitive landscape. Rapid innovation and product development can attract investors, increase the value of your business, and keep your competitors at bay. 

We prioritize speed to deliver patent services quickly and efficiently, giving you an edge in the market. We take a balanced approach to speed and efficiency, ensuring that we accelerate your success. 


Quality Is Important, Too

No compromise on quality in our pursuit to achieve speed. We ensure quality through:

Multi-Point Checklist: Our multi-point checklist is a comprehensive set of guidelines that our team follows to ensure that all aspects of our work meet the highest standards. Each item is carefully reviewed to ensure that there are no errors or omissions.

4-Eyes Principle Feedback Loop: This means that our work is reviewed by at least two people, with each person checking the work of the other. This process provides an additional layer of quality control, as it allows us to catch any mistakes or oversights that may have been missed during the initial review.

Our Services

US to UPC Patent Application Conversion

Conquer the massive European market as we convert your US PCT Application to a Unified Patent Court (UPC) compliant application, in just two days!

Systematic Freedom-to-Operate (FTO)

Say goodbye to highly-limiting landscape FTOs, and instead use a systematic approach that guarantees result!

Flat Fee Patent Drafting

Fast Track your patent application filing by getting getting the patent application drafted in just two days!

Infringement Analysis

An Infringement Analysis is very different from a Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) study. We provide a definitive answer within two working days!

Defensive Publication

An action used for protection against future competition and potentially infringement, by publishing brief technical information on public domain.


IP Lawyer Tools

It is my calling to produce materials that will help to guide bright young people through the minefields that the IP profession has.

A Letter From Me

Addressed to:

– IP Professionals
– Legal Practitioners
– In-house Counsels
– Start-ups

Good day, here is Martin Schweiger. I am a patent attorney in Singapore. Welcome to the landing page for the Sprint Patents. 

Sprint Patents is a service line of Schweiger & Partners (Singapore), and we are focusing on delivering high-quality patent services in a very short-time, and that too at a flat fee. 

Martin Schweiger
Schweiger & Partners