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Get an UPC-Style Patent Application in 2 days at a Flat Fee

Just Like A Sprint.

US to UPC Style Patent Drafting

Sprint Patents help you to convert your US-Style Patent Application into ready-to-file EP-Style Patent Application for a flat fee within 2 working days!

We Do It With Speed

Get A Ready-to-file Patent In 2 Days

We deliver in 2 working days (or less) after our acceptance of the input provided by you. You pay nothing if we deliver after that 2-days deadline.

The Process

You Provide:

The US-style patent application that you have already filed

That’s it!

We Deliver:

    • an updated version of the same US-style patent application in UPC-style that meets the UPC requirements
    • the US-style patent claims are converted to UPC standard, with the independent claims in two-part form and with multi-dependencies in the dependent claims.
    • We provide support section for the claims and definitions and technical effects for the claim elements used
    • the original US-style claims are kept in the specification so that they can later be used again, if wanted (**)
    • we provide consistent reference numerals throughout the specification even if different terms are used in the claims, plus a reference numerals list
    • we provide formal support for so-called “intermediate generalizations”
    • we provide an updated Prior Art section (*)
    • the patent application in a ready-to-file format
    • we also provide a comprehensive quality inspection certificate


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The Unified Patent Court (UPC) is a court that will have jurisdiction over European patents granted by the European Patent Office (EPO) and European patents with unitary effect (Unitary Patents). A UPC style patent application is a patent application that conforms to the requirements of the UPC and can be used to apply for a European patent with unitary effect.

After our acceptance of the input provided by you and once we have a formal order from you

“2 working days” refers to two business days, which are usually Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays.

Converting your US patent application to a UPC style patent application allows you to apply for a European patent with unitary effect, which provides protection in most of the countries in the European Union with a single application.

You will face lot of office actions and you will end up spending more time and money later.

A Letter From Me

Addressed to:

– US Patent Attorneys 
– Law firms
– In-house Counsels

Good day, here is Martin Schweiger. I am a patent attorney in Singapore. Welcome to the landing page of the Sprint Patents. 

According to my knowledge, only we offer to convert a US-style patent application to UPC style application within 2 working days. We have made this possible using highly automated process.

Martin Schweiger
Schweiger & Partners

Start Your Journey Now!

Share your US PCT application and get the UPC-style application drafted in 2 days.

We deliver within two (2) working days, or less. If we take longer to deliver, then you pay nothing.

*No discussion with inventors, no added subject matter beyond original invention disclosure, no amendments of our draft (except if it is for correcting any mistakes done by us).

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